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Beethoven Project

I was inspired by one of my favorite classical composers, Beethoven, for this fun, little project!

Poster Project Inspired by Beethoven

Poster Project Inspired by Beethoven

For this poster project, I chose a classical music composer, Beethoven, as my inspiration. I played with typography, mimicking musical notes with letters to evoke the passion that Beethoven put into his compositions. Then I crafted some patterns, experimenting with color, before designing a poster that could be used for a Beethoven concert.

expressive typography exercise-01.jpg
expressive typography exercise-02.jpg
expressive typography exercise-03.jpg
expressive typography exercise-04.jpg
typographic patterns-01.jpg
typographic patterns-02.jpg
typographic patterns-03.jpg
typographic patterns-04.jpg
typographic patterns-05.jpg
typographic patterns-06.jpg
typographic patterns-07.jpg
color and transparencies-01.jpg
color and transparencies-02.jpg
color and transparencies-03.jpg
color and transparencies-04.jpg
color and transparencies-05.jpg
color and transparencies-06.jpg
color and transparencies-07.jpg
color and transparencies-08.jpg
color and transparencies-09.jpg
Final Poster Design

Final Poster Design